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Summer trend 2018: Sporty vibe !

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A sports influence will hit our wardrobes with full force this summer! classic sportswear pieces are modernized with a twist, boosted by energetic colours, streamlined cuts and innovative materials. the tracksuit is no longer the preserve of the sunday sportsman! everything is suitable including jogging bottoms tightened at the ankle. a freedom which is equally expressed at gucci, with its quirky and festive way of reclaiming the sporting world! noting the preoccupation of designers who concentrate on technical materials for windbreakers and parkas which value lightness, brightened up with zips, drawstrings and a structured allure. boxer shorts also make an appearance, seen at louis vuitton in a luxury version worn with an embroidered redingote jacket and futuristic looking trainers. sportswear influence is also found through clothes with graphic cuts, evoking and sporty allure. clothing which combines comfort with sensuality which accompany women throughout their active days.lacoste perfectly represents this trend, reinventing classic sports codes with a more urban or even sexy approach!this summer, even if you’re not a sports addict, sport will come to you in an offbeat way. interviews: isabel marant: the quite technical materials are really materials which come from the sports domain with breathable and waterproof properties, i had a lot of fun with that. it’s very current because finally when we see people in the street there’s an enormous amount of people in trainers, jogging bottoms and personally i have to say that it’s a trend i really love. felipe oliveira baptista: we did a bit of a journey through the brand, the almost aristocratic side of tennis as well, the blazer, the gold buttons, when lacoste descended in the streets in the eighties and nineties, the tracksuits, so i really liked that as well this idea of it all mixing and scrambling. to say that it’s for everyone and they can wear it how they like, i think that it’s just as important as styling to show that. music bandit & nikit - 2018