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Talent To Follow: The American designer Pyer Moss.

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Fashion designer kerby jean-raymond weaves his web in new york with his label pyer moss, through an assured fashion and sincere activism, for this brooklyn native child whose main sources of inspiration remain as much the street as his parents from haiti. (interview)a talent which has already stood out through a collaboration with reebok, through distorted logos, revisited sportswear and limited edition trainers which are released in drops. interview with kerry jean-raymond: i want pyer moss to be a canvas like any other art form. the way artists use a canvas to paint or clay to sculpt, we use fashion as a way to essentially create dialogue, we talk about social justice we talk about a lot of things, we do it in a very subliminal way we do it in a way that’s just more cerebral than over- in your face so we like to call pyer moss sometimes a social experiment. i personally hate pants, i don’t like putting on belts. so i’ve always created clothes that i can get on and off very easily. but at the same time, i want to be known for tailoring, i want to be known for eveningwear so i’ve learnt how to merge that laziness in my own dressing with high quality, high fashion. i started as an eveningwear designer but i also grew up as a skateboarder. so it’s a hybrid of the two. we’re showing a cropped silhouette for the men, we’re showing an overlong silhouette for women, we’re also showing a different point of view. there’s not a lot of designers that look like me, or speak like me, or come from where i come from so it’s important for me to constantly shed light on that point of view and show people what it was like for me growing up and show people what it was like for me seeing my mother and my aunt and all these other people dress up and show them the beauty in that and hopefully as they learn from our runways they can also start to emulate that in the way that they dress. music from the show of pyer moss (for use only in context of the report, under cover of the right to information)