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Hair trends Spring/summer 2018: The top 5 suggestions spotted at the shows

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The summer season is an opportunity to change up your hair, and to perhaps dare a bit more. here are the top five suggestions seen at the shows:firstly, the wet-hair effect, which comes back each season to the delight of hairdressers at the shows. for 2018, we’re really playing with a ‘fresh out the pool’ look where hair from the front is plastered to the back. you can use a gel-like product or hairspray to hold the look for longer. we also love the idea of tying it all up whilst keeping in mind that the hair stays damp, a warm vibe, caliente and entirely sensual… for hot days. next, it’s true that long hair, left natural with a middle parting is heavily present and all the rage this year. this parting is highlighted by a perfect fall on each side. many girls and women leave their hair like this, silky and blowing in the wind, re-enforcing this idea of freedom. feeling free with the return of curls and frizzy hair. so many beautiful girls with their voluminous hair showcased, a seventies spirit mixed with a surge of modernity… don’t hesitate anymore… let it live! two favourites for summer 2018. the bob makes its big return, we can’t count how many times models opted for this style, from top models to youngsters, even opening the shows. it’s time for fresh feeling with a return to the haircut of your childhood, made cool.without forgetting the return of the tomboy cut. all the rage this year. blonde, brunette or black, short length is back in force. with a sixties spirit, reminiscent of jean seberg, with several strands at the front, it will be perfect… and above all, it means you won’t lose too much time to styling. music royalty free - bandit & nikit / 2018