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Key Fashion Moment: 2015 : The Vetements phenomenon

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In 2015, the label vetements exploded. after a year’s existence, the brand was already sold in around forty retail outlets in the world. they even invited themselves to paris fashion week for a late show at the famous ‘le dépôt’ nightclub with kanye west, already a client, sat front row. a house which would rather be a collective, is managed by two brothers, guram for the business side and demna gvasalia for the creative. the latter was already questioning the pace of fashion all whilst two seasons later becoming the artistic director of balenciaga. with interview of demna gvasalia :we thought about a generic name because we didn’t want to have personal names on it and the name vêtements which means clothing, it was the most literal and it was the most direct and clear explanation of what our creative values stand for and it’s really about clothes, we don’t want to do art or pretend to create some avant-garde or something new. every fabric that we approach, we always look for authenticity in it that it looks real and not created or fantasy, without added element. there is a lot of this kind of attitude approach when you wear the clothes, what it does, how it folds and in the end we just decided to take our own clothes that we wear and that we like and to just use those elements and to put it in the collection so the security shirt is the t-shirt, the real security t-shirt that i’ve been wearing for almost two years and then you have another print on the sweatshirt that comes from another person’s personal sweatshirt that this person was wearing. so it’s very much like that aspect, we just put some very personal elements into the collection and give them a new life. but it needs to find this new way of developing also creatively and maybe filtering and becoming slower rather than running as fast as possible because as a designer you’re in a situation whether you want it or not, every three months you have to come up with a great collection which is not really natural, i mean a designer needs time to think, to question it, to double question it etc, to make something that makes sense and that is credible at the end. so i think this whole time pays and the dynamic of fashion is about to take a different turn.