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Burberry - Men's and Women's Spring/ Summer 2019 Collection in London (with interview)

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Chief creative director : riccardo tisciinspiration: the collection is called « kingdom ». to begin his journey at burberry, riccardo tisci celebrates diversity and england (center of creativity, tradition and the punk movement). his show highlights this free and daring british culture, surrounding 3 themes; chic, streetwear and the evening.collection: a collection suitable for every day, with elegant and chic silhouettes, pencil skirts and trench dresses. the italian designer redefines the rules of the brand through modern cuts, pleated skirts, patterned blouses as well as masculine checked shirts, fitted coats tightened at the waist with an elastic belt and sheer lace dresses. for the evening, we see a series of long black jersey dresses, brightened up with golden fringes or cuts highlighting feminine curves defining the new british elegance of the brand.note: some the collection was available to purchase at the end of the show. a collection which mixes men and women. tartan is revisited in a vertical alternative. various accessories including the bag attached to a belt with a b on the fastening. interview with riccardo tisci: i want to really build a burberry, a world a kingdom of women, a mother and a daughter, and a father and a son, they can go to burberry and buy and feel that they can find items and fashion for them, you know. it's not only concentrated on a younger generation or concentrated on only sophistication, it's like a real package.my interpretation is not going to be focused on one point. my point is at burberry, we have a fantastic heritage archive and fantastic heritage name, lets us be british. of course, i'm not british, i'm italian but i can, you know, i tried to put together things that like for me they were like a celebration of this country as a style.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).