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Guy Laroche - Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection (with interview)

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Designer: richard renéinspiration: the designer entertains us in a club from the 80s… he was inspired by a letter written by guy laroche on the morning of 1981, when he returns home early in the morning, and just before going to bed a memphis vase falls on the carpet of his room creating sublime reflections of light that run through the metallic blinds of his apartment…collection: contrasts, shadows and light, dichotomy of black and white. suits and its crossover jacket, with white fronts and black backs. a short dress drapes to give cape-like sleeves. graphic spirit appears through bands that finish the backs of pieces and sensuality is seen through transparency.note: one piece swimsuits for a sportswear touch.interview with richard rené:the desire to have fun! it’s time to have fun! we must start having fun again! i believe that this is very important. there is also a side of the 80s that we lost and we had the desire to find, this kind of force to go out, lights, black, white, full of things that we have a desire to find. well for me anyway, as for you, i don’t know!it’s important to emphasize the body, so i have tried to emphasize it in the simplest way.the theme of the collection is the idea of shadows and light. i found a letter in the archives of guy laroche and i wanted the collection to be really inspired by that.it’s guy laroche who quickly writes a few words about when he came out of a night club in paris in 1980, and he saw shadows and light with people outside in the strong early morning light of august. and all of a sudden he finds himself in his living room where a memphis vase has just fallen on the ground, so these are the touches of colour that we see in the collection. he then writes about the very bright light coming through his blinds that projected the room, which created oblique stripes.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).