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Kaia Gerber, the most demanded top model in 2018

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She couldn’t have been more present. the daughter of cindy crawford and rande gerber has become the most demanded top model in 2018.she is 17 years old. infinitely long legs. a crazy presence. she provokes hysteria amongst fans and street style photographers as soon as she steps foot outside.on the podium, for spring/summer 2019, she appeared in nearly 30 shows, exclusively for the biggest brands. she dares to wear all kinds of outfits, from “jolie madame” suit trousers for next season to enveloping volumes.even colour can’t faze her, from her vibrant coloured eye makeup for valentino, to her cool attitude with glitter for isabel marant and her denim look from her second walk.her long brown hair, often left natural, reminds us of her freshness and youth despite her serious face concentrating on every step she takes. the last touch in her process of becoming a top model: being approved by karl lagerfeld and even co-signing a collaboration with the designer for his own brand, distributed throughout the whole world.