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2018 Stars: Who are the most seen celebrities in shows?

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There are two things to think about when watching the red carpet, how famous the star in question is and their influence on fashion. let’s see who made the best celebrity appearance. we begin with 2 main events: the cannes film festival and the met gala. in just a few years, the met gala, celebrating the opening of a new exposition in the new york’s met and directed by anna wintour, became the event not to miss, especially with the most eccentric red carpet yet, since guests are invited to dress according to the exposition’s theme… for the 70th edition which took place last may, the chosen theme was “fashion and catholic imagery” it’s obvious that the celebrities were very inspired…the cannes film festival is the second event with a strong influence on fashion. in 2018 we saw a very elegant jury composed of numerous women, especially its president cate blanchett, faithful to the brand of which she is a muse, she wore armani privé several times, as well as sporting many other daring but stylish dresses.kristen stewart and léa seydoux, members of the jury also pulled out all the stops, with outfits from brands they are loyal to, louis vuitton for léa and chanel for kristen, also note their more audacious outfits.finally, during the last festival, the palme d’or returned to balmain who dressed 16 black actresses and writers stating “being black is not my profession!”fashion weeks are always filled with celebrities, and in paris amongst the stars like rihanna & kanye west, popular amongst paparazzi’s were rappers who became very stylish fashion fans who came to support the shows as well as model themselves. a great example was louis vuitton who had 9 stars model for vigil abloh’s first collection.finally, the last piece of information to note, a new prize at the cfda’s which corresponds to the oscars for american fashion as the influencer of the year award was given to kim kardashian, a tv and social media star, recognised for her fashion sense. the world of fashion is definitely entering a new era of communication.