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MSGM : Milan Men's Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 (with interview)

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Creative director: massimo giorgettiinspiration: milan, the motor racing world and the racing driver, ayrton senna.collection: the idea of speed transported into the wardrobe through patterns and various cuts, for a futuristic look. it is also a tribute to the italian sartorial know-how dear to the designer with suits and double breasted jackets. we see a flame pattern either scattered on, or fully covering clothes as well as a leopard print and the effigy of milanese madonnina embroidered on leather or on a jumper. the word “turbo” appears on clothes. a reminiscence of the 90s with flashes of colour (orange, red and pink) as well as k-ways.note: protection worn over shoes, squared toed footwear, bags worn in a variety of ways and fila trainers. interview with massimo giorgetti:the world of racing, and i worked on the word “turbo”, that means a lot for me and i really love that world, and it’s just a start, it’s just the beginning, it’s just a start because i started all the picture of ayrton senna of his private life. i think ayrton is one of the most beautiful men that has ever lived in the world, and i wanted to capture the energy of the racing, not exactly the clothes and it was just a start. it’s a mix between this kind of inspiration and the world of msgm, because also it’s a collection that is very “italiano”, very “italia”, and so you can see the tailoring, you can see the double-breasted coat, you can see the padded jacket. but the interesting thing is the energy; you can see on the casting, you can see on the clothes, you can see on the faces of the guys, and it’s very msgm. i’m happy, i’m very happy.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).