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Tibi : Women's & Men's Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Show in New York (with interview)

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Designer: amy smilovicinspiration: a big room with arty and colourful structures in the middle, numerous influencers seated on the front row and on the podium, men and women model together for the first time. the designer enjoys being fashionable and her collection is composed of the latest trends.collection: we see suit trousers dear to tibi, and as always made with intended comfort using flowing textures with detailed pleats, drawstrings and zips. the distressed leather skirt is paired with a big jumper. we see a knitted neck-warmer that is longer at the front. the designer also begins to use recycled materials and shows her talent through her choice of colour palette with burgundy, watery greens and radiant yellows.note: important masculine items such as the short waist-length jackets, an elegant blazer and a big colourful scarf.interview with amy smilovic:i had no idea until this season when we were working with the men and i turned around to my design team i was like “i can’t imagine not having men in the show” it feels so natural, it would be so unnatural to only have women so, yeah, it’s an important part of the whole story.we were interested, we used recycled fabrics a lot this season, and then the ‘alpaca de peru’, the peruvian alpaca sweaters that we have and when you have those kind of natural looking fibres it’s really important to have like some, something with some guts and shine to go with it. so, that’s why the leather has a patent coating on it, so it really has a strong look with it. many of the fabrics in the collection are recycled fabrics so there’s a beautiful white suit, the coats with the staples in them, and the european mills have just been able to create amazing things with recycled fabrics that really has a level of refinement that we need and it’s there so i’m so excited to be using them for the first time. i like the details that maybe when you get something, you don’t even notice it until days later when you’re wearing it and you see how amazing you know, a cut is or a strange something on… i don’t know. like it all feels really right, the quilting is just enough to make something feel a little more alive, and then the fur on the flip-flops is kind of like a whimsical touch of colour and great price, so you know that makes it really easy. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).