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Top Model of the Moment: Giselle Norman

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She made her debut one year ago walking for j.w. anderson in london. afterwards everything changed for giselle norman, even more so now after her 18th birthday. turning the legal age at the start of 2019 signified freedom and decision making with only one idea in mind: to dedicate herself to modelling. her rebellious look and her short, squared, wavy haircut seduce designers. in her first interview for british vogue, she revealed that cindy crawford gave her the confidence to believe in herself, accepting her powerful moles that make her unique. during last february’s fashion month for next autumn/winter, giselle norman was the most demanded model according to the search engine tagwalk, counting a total of 41 shows this season. walking for the biggest names, from coach to michael kors in new york, to fendi and versace in milan, without forgetting chanel, louis vuitton and stella mccartney amongst others. indeed, a great way to start her first year of adulthood.