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A tribute to Karl Lagerfeld during his last show: Testaments from those closest to him

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Karl’s unique personality as well as his creative talent have stood out in the fashion industry.a look back over the testaments from those close to, and those who collaborated with karl that we met during his last ready-to-wear show for chanel in paris.interview with anita briey: i think he’s really going to be missed because he constantly had new ideas, from the morning to the evening he always had new ideas. this is why it was really great working with karl, we never started with old ideas, it was always something new. we were never bored, we never looked at our watches. we said that it was already time but we never saw the time passing. cultured and intelligent don’t normally go together but he was both cultured and intelligent. he put himself into everybody’s shoes, he held doors open and he let people pass. he was a genius. it’s going to be a big loss for fashion. before replacing him we have to reach his level, he was simple and kind, which isn’t the case with all designers, even if they are genius’.interview with penélope cruz: he was an incredible man and he will be very missed, and i’m very honoured to be a part of what happened here today, there is so much love for him. interview with michel gaubert: he left behind a colossal heritage, because it wasn’t just what he did for fashion but also the person that he was, his spirit, his way of seeing things, his lightness, his humour and his passion for knowledge, all this made him absolutely magical. interview with brandi quinones:karl is one of the best couturiers of our time so i’m sure he’s going to leave a beautiful spirit, hopefully a lot of knowledge for the next generation to be couturiers.