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Embark on the Chanel Express in the Grand Palais Station for the Cruise Collection (interviews)

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A new step for virginie viard who, this morning presented the first chanel cruise collection without her mentor, karl lagerfeld who passed away on the 19th february.the show took place in a station, as always under the glass roof of the grand palais. the guests were invited to have a light snack in the wagons of the “le riviera” restaurant on the chanel express before watching the show from the platform.the collection evokes travelling and freedom through a fresh, light, functional and fluctuating wardrobe with a monochromatic, bright and soft colour palette. trousers are wide and open on the side, oversized bows decorate the front of a shirt or bustier dress, black camellias adorn the shoulders of long white dresses and chain belts fasten tweed jackets. bermudas and leggings evoke summer. the silhouette is pure and the suit is reinterpreted in a version worn with a mini-skirt and tight jacket.note: the numerous propositions of quilted bags in summery colours and in all sizes, the branded bottle holder, multi-coloured ballerina shoes, heeled stilettos with a pointed toe and graphic heels as well as the headscarves tied around necks.an emotional virginie viard came to greet the guests alone.interview with ali macgraw:it’s extraordinary, i mean someone should do, make a train go down there you know and take me to the south of france. i loved this collection and i’m really critical. it’s only my own opinion from me. i don’t represent anybody but me, but from the moment those monochromatic, every single one of which i would love to have and then to see it change into something that was more often referencing the chanel of many many decades ago, which of course i am old enough to have remembered and coveted. and then, many things that probably i can’t wear but i think everything is something somebody is going to wear and be comfortable in and look great. i thought she was a triumph, i’m so happy for her, she must have been petrified.interview with anna mouglalis: it was very exciting and magnificent, with such refinement in the way the suit evolved. i loved the short that opened, that leather short, the work on materials and the seriousness that also appeared, the expertise of cruise collection and the craftsmanship created in such a magnificent way. i thought it was very beautiful, emotional and fair.interview with laura bailey:for me chanel, you know, there’s the collection but then there is also the dream of travel, of curiosity, of art and culture and for me especially with cruise, it’s always, that feels especially connected.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).