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The new high jewellery collections send us on a journey

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During the haute couture week, the big houses present their collection of high jewellery, this time, sending us on a journey. a real getaway, stemming from history or something rather figurative, imagined or dreamt up.like the skies of chaumet transporting us to the heights, between clouds and stars, unless you come across exotic birds.lets now move on to the african animals from de beers, with its 5 adornements of jewellery, including those representing the yellow fish, with a very particular setting including 6 hours to roll a golden thread around a stone or the zebra and its mane, integrating grey nacre into high jewellery for the first time. and let’s leave africa for russia with chanel jewellery, through two major themes, russia splendour and its symbols like the two-headed eagle and the second theme, russian folklore.after russia, let’s stop in verona with romeo and juliet, the theme of van cleef & arpels’ last high jewellery collection, with full-volume clips representing the two lovers, and the renaissance necklaces made from dizzying stones in sublime colours. but when we leave, it’s also to come back better, to the hotel de nocé in vendome square, for boucheron who is talking about paris better than anyone, with necklaces travelling between the past and the future. with interviews:jean-marc mansvelt (ceo of chaumet):there are two pieces in this collection, which are quite symbolic to me. the first one, “stars” because the theme of stars has been around forever and it has always been reinterpreted and reinvented.and, also, maybe typically, the piece with the incredible australian opal. we’re onto a miracle, a paradoxical suspension for an extremely large rock. however, it gives the illusion that it is moving. marianne etchebarne (international jewellery and watchmaking director of chanel):with the work around wheat, embroideries, rubachkas, with here, a piece called “maria wheat”, with lots of colours, a harmony around tourmaline, spinels, a beautiful yellow sapphire with a rather spectacular clip so, even then, we are in opulence and splendour. it’s a strong symbol and at the same time, the strength of our house has this ability in terms of designing, to translate the theme into these excessively fine, supple, refined and extremely feminine pieces. claire choisne (design director of boucheron):and this piece is called the “26v”. in fact, i believe that for the first time, we dreamed of a rock. we see this rock, which, in the end, is 3d marquetry made with quartz, onyx and cacholong, (cacholong is the white substance). therefore, we have mixed three materials to finally form one rock.hélène poulit duquesne (ceo of boucheron):finally, what high jewellery you choose to wear, it is like your clothes, what you choose to wear says something about your personality and, in fact, a bit about you. music free to take: waiting by kadir demir (chromaticity) artlist