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The top headwear this winter!

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The bob, far from being nerdy, makes its return!the start of autumn will see heads covered with a bob or a cloche hat. it will protect against the sun’s rays in the case of an indian summer or defend against the rain throughout the first cold spells. maria grazia chiuri put it in the spotlight at dior and it came in black vinyl and checkered, giving a crazy feel to the look. it is pressed tight against the head. the bob takes a fashionable look at valentino, it gives off an upper class vibe, with it being worn high on the head, covering the eyes. for a more casual, street sailor look, the front end is on the front and the back end covers the back of the neck.the beret – french chicanother alternative is the beret. for a few seasons, the beret has begun to see its return to grace. a true symbol of french chic, it finds itself on the international stages. for absolute sophistication, it blends into the look, matching the outfit. for an even more chic look, it is adorned with embroidery. for an urban look and a casual touch, we would love it in leather.the beret will accompany you every hour of the day; it is worn loose, a little to the side, or backwards, for a more casual look and harmonizes perfectly with both ultra-feminine and more masculine looks.the borsalino hat – a must havethe felt broad-brimmed hat, adorned with a ribbon like stetson or brosalina, is also a safe bet for this winter. in addition to its functional aspect, it gives a crazy feel to the look. a true extension of the chanel look, it protects from the cold in its warm tones and plays on the masculine-feminine features. in black, it makes for a big night and perfectly matches suit trousers or a tuxedo.one thing is for sure, the headwear will definitely enhance our winter wardrobes!music free to take: when i get there by maya isac (all of the miles) artlist