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Longchamp - Womens Spring/Summer 2020 collection in New York (with interviews)

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Creative director: sophie delafontaineinspiration: longchamp continues its new york adventure for the third season, this time with an outside fashion show on the forecourt of the lincoln center. the architecture and elegance are combined with sportswear and a 70s touch.collection: the girls wear shorts and high culottes and jackets that wrap around. the leathers detonate by their finesse and their lightness. the skirts and dresses play a transparent effect.the colours are powdery and soft, counterbalancing with the black. focus on high top trainers, which slip on like boots, or sandals with big laces.to note: kaia gerber opens the show+ linda cardellini, julianne moore, kate moss and her daughter lila grace moss-hack on the front row. interviews :sophie delafontaine : i was inspired by an artist called judy chicago who was making explosions of colours in the desert. and so i really wanted to work this explosion of colours in the city with colour gradients and colours that are as whitened by the sun. there is a very solar side that i wanted to put on stage and then on top of that a mix of 70's inspiration, which is very longchamp, but twisted by a 90's side that makes the 70’s completely contemporary, rather than nostalgic, for powerful women. with leather, the idea is really to always work it like cashmere, like a second skin. we are not at all in something thick and heavy and in such soft colours. hence these coats and dresses that remain very fluid even in leather. and i also like the fluidity and femininity while giving confidence to the woman.tilda jönsson : i really like their clothes, it’s feminine and strong, i like it.there is something about shows, right before you go out on the catwalk, the adrenaline and the feeling here backstage, yeah it’s just amazing.giselle norman : i find it very elegant and powerful i think. all their outfits are always very beautiful.kendall jenner : i thought a lot of the show was really beautiful, i thought it was very bright and happy but some of my favourite pieces, there was a little purple striped top with little brown shorts that was really cute. i love being on the other side of it but i will say today i was missing it a little bit. i was like i kinda want to walk, i want to be out there. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).