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Christian Dior - Women's Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director: maria grazia chiuritheme: nature is at the heart of this collection. a wooden structure erected on the longchamp racecourse in paris, with a centrepiece of 160 trees, becoming an incredible pop-up forest in which models were coming from. the trees will be replanted through four different projects in paris, directed by a group of architects called coloco, with whom the artistic director collaborated with to design the set.this collection is also inspired by photographs of catherine dior, sister of christian dior, showing her in her garden amongst the flowers.collection: a collection that, through patterns and textures, conveys lush vegetation like an herbarium. the colour palette refers to nature and the earth. raffia, cotton voile and linen enhance a series of delicate and light dresses.tie dye prints decorate a series of trousers or jumpsuits in an urban spirit. stripes and checks mix with flowers. plays with transparency and shine for finely embroidered evening dresses. focus on: shorts, short skater skirts, a bar jacket with bare shoulders, loose skirts and tops with crossover straps at the back. to note: the small straw hats that accessorise the outfits. an audience of stars in the front row: jennifer lawrence, monica bellucci, juliane moore etc...interviews:karlie kloss:for me dior is about strength, especially with maria grazia at the head, she’s all about the strength of the woman and helping kind of create clothes and pieces that bring out and really represent that strength. maria grazia chiuri:mr dior was very fascinated by the garden, the reference was their mother but that was also true for his sister, catherine. and after the horrible second world war, when catherine came back to paris, she decided to start to cultivate a garden of roses again. she became the first woman to create a business of flowers in france so the idea is to do a show which is an homage of the figure of catherine dior, because she was brave, she was a business woman and she was also very independent.we are the gardener of our wardrobe, so we translated this into the collection with the prints of the garden which are not traditional flowers, but instead we chose more spontaneous flowers.bastide rey:the artist alcoholises the flowers onto the fabric so that the colour soaks into it, the petals saturate the fabric, it is the soul of the flower which permeates through the material.bernard arnault:magnificent, there was nature, all the trees will be replanted in paris, we are very attentive to the environment, to all that is sustainability and the clothes, i have no comments to give, they are so beautiful, it’s great. charlie heaton:it was just beautiful, it was spectacular. the setting they decided to do it in was just amazing. it felt very ethereal and very woodland-like but it just complimented the clothes so well.natalia vodianova:we see some elements of artisanal work in the collection and i think that maria grazia is constantly thinking beyond just fashion. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).