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High Jewellery: History and symbols at the heart of the new collections!

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Two times a year, high jewellery closes a week of haute couture with exuberance. at the place vendôme, the houses opened their doors to present their latest unique creations to the press and their clients. the brand’s history and their symbols have never been so present and allow ateliers to combine technique and creativity. for example, chanel created its new collection, containing 45 pieces, on the theme of tweed.for boucheron it is also a question of symbols since it exhibits the famous question mark. in addition, these houses create a genuine feeling of wellbeing such as at the café boucheron where you can taste pastries made for the house, or the case with chopard who invites us to the tearoom of the ritz to view its garden of exceptional stones. a timeless moment, in the middle of coloured flowers, where caroline scheufele, co-president of chopard, chose to present the marvel, next to the exceptional pieces, standing alone before they are assembled, a way to discover a 61 carat columbian emerald, or even sapphires, rubies and opals, that almost make us faint in front of so much beauty. with interviews:marianne etchebarne (chanel):tweed, you know it, is the symbolic material of chanel. gabrielle chanel discovered this texture with the duke of westminster in the 20s. she hastily distorted it and used it in the women’s wardrobe, in her fashion. to translate the flexibility, comfort and softness of the fabric, we called on the best jewellery talents and we worked more than ever firstly on the enamelling, example with the couture tweed necklace, where we worked for more than 1000 hours, of assembling.hélène poulit duquesne (boucheron):today, it’s probably in high jewellery, one of the pieces that we sell the most. each piece is unique with a different design as you see, but it’s really the icon of the house so probably the first piece that we want to come buy at boucheron and this piece is very important for us because it embodies all our storytelling and the history of the brand. there is a very technical side since frédéric boucheron was very strong technically and finally, and it’s very important for me, frédéric boucheron has always put women at the centre of his work and through the question mark, the woman can put on her necklace herself and therefore wear it much more easily and every day, since you no longer need help to wear jewellery.