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United Colors of Benetton: Presentation show Autumn/Winter 2020/21 in Milan (with interview)

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Theme: blended futureartistic director: jean-charles de castelbajaclocation: la pelota, a skate track, where sportsmen and models evolve.collection: prints reinvented in colours, with references to childhood through the image of bambi and to the artistic world with drawings from keith haring. we find the designer’s world translated in the codes of benetton.protective and functional clothes, an inclusive fashion for all, men, women and children, without barriers.the camouflage is coloured with cheerful tones, likewise for stripes and tartan.puffa jackets are adorned with teddy bears, the coats are reversible and lined with neoprene, the parkas are loose, light and don’t hinder movements. fluid dresses and small faux fur jackets complete this winter wardrobe masterfully mixing the worlds. interview with jean-charles de castelbajac:today, opposite to the generations i lived in, where everything was fragmented and i was there with others, to break the walls between disciplines, between art and fashion, between generations and races, we are now reaching a future where there is kind of crossover, mixture, deep-rooted, strong, inspiration of everything and so i wanted to present this vision that i have of the future for benetton, it’s called “blended future”, in fact it’s us, it’s the representation between the sales, for example what i am going to present to customers, these shop windows, and then this place which is the street on which the youth live, so that’s what “blended future” is.in blended future, there is art and fashion of course, there is also function and chic, so everything came into play, it's like a great mixer this place, and i found that the only possible element that could allow me to really mix things, was skateboarding, because it is this movement and i wanted the prints to combine through these young people.music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)