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#TheBestIsYetToCome - Interview with Olivier Gabet, director of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (MAD) in Paris

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Interview with olivier gabetwhy is the best yet to come?the best is yet to come meansthe golden age is tomorrow. since ancient times, the golden age has always been yesterday. how do we reinvent ourselves?all this time which was put on hold for these last weeks, for a lot of people, has encouraged a lot of different trades and fields to review their way of doing things. in the world of museums, it means doing a little less for a little longer, a lot with our collections not necessarily only being in the event or blockbuster.what will be the museum of tomorrow? the museum of tomorrow will not just be an education museum. we saw that during these last months, people found many ways to learn, educate and teach.so i don’t believe at all that the museum is a book. it can be a book, but it’s also an experience. we come in at some point and go out at others. there are things we have liked and we have a right to like them, and there are things that we don’t like and we have the right not to like them. and for me, the museum of tomorrow, in general and the museum of decorative arts in particular,will be places of freedom even more. can fashion be a driver of change?isn’t fashion more about self-expression? people are always best situated to know what self-expression they want to give.a look, a style -- that's not necessarily renewed with each collection.the time may have come to be less in this headlong rush and a little more about introspection, about reflection." let’s keep what was good from before and let’s carry on".what is your next challenge?for me, the challenge is to make sure that when visitors walk through the doors of the museum, they don’t think of the virus and instead say here is a work of art and it’s exciting. a written word to define #thebestisyettocome it would be well expressed through the work of thomas schütte, and in particular his work on interiors, small huts and these observatories that he places in nature. these models are evidence of life.