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HEARRING wins the First Prize for inclusive design in Paris

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Paris good fashion, the collective bringing together many figures in the fashion world for a more sustainable and responsible future, made the most of paris fashion week to award, in the fashion & accessories category, the first inclusive design prize (the grand prix du design inclusif) to hearring, who to transform hearing aids into beautiful jewellery.(interviews de flora fixy & julia dessirier)this award was possible thanks to various major players, such as apf france handicap, the eyes on talents platform and pascal morand, executive president of the fédération de la haute couture et de la mode. (interview de pascal morand)interviews : flora fixy & julia dessirier : we are delighted to be here this evening. we are even more delighted to have won this award. it's a real recognition. when we initiated this project in 2018, we already had an award at villa noailles and to see that the award still has resonance today, in fact even more resonance today, is very, very exciting and very positive for us. finally, this collection is both jewellery for hearing aids and jewellery for everyone, since the idea is to have a purpose that is universal and does not compartmentalise by saying that we just work on collections for the hearing impaired. rather, we work for everyone, without distinction and that is, for us, inclusiveness.pascal morand :this is really, a fashion object. we are looking at an accessory which is very, very, fashionable, and which is, at the same time very current, which also exceeds the spirit of the time, like all beautiful fashion objects. to bring together, to ensure that the hearing aid is surpassed, enhanced and that we completely forget it is there, is something great. this makes it pleasant to wear, pleasant to see and de-dramatizes it, which is inclusive.