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Insider - The Day After : Imane Ayissi

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Imane ayissi recounts the day afterhis reaction after the digital presentation of his third haute couture collectionwhat happens the next day?we await reactions.we listen to the reactions, the first press releases. we try to listen.2020: your first year in haute couture,how do you feel today?finally, african luxury is being recognised. i am the first black person to participate in the official haute couture calendar, but i don’t want that to be it. it is good to have this place. but after, this place needs to be maintained. it’s a lot of pressure, a lot of questions. you also need the means to be able to maintain your place in all this. i want to continue my work as i usually do, to show my savoir-faire.what does “tseundé” mean, the title of the new collection?“exhange”, because there’s an exchange at all levels, an exchange of cultures, of words, it’s full of things but for me, i wanted to accentuate the exchange of materials, the way we work, with ideas we receive from others.how do you see your new collection?the idea was to be able to put accents on different materials, assemble and mix things which didn’t have anything to do with each other. such as the drapes that we drape over the body, knowing that in africa, in the old days, the body was free, freedom of movement, one dressed without hiding much, without showing much either. so, there was no ambiguity with nudity. lots of women and men dressed, with drapes, hung by the shoulders, knowing that the shoulders are very important. they are something that represent power, societal and familial power.i see my collection as loved, observed. it makes us proud, i am important, people are looking at me, so i exist, i am living.music issued from the presentation of imane ayissi (only to be used in the context of paris fashion week, covered under the right to information)