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Insider - Blumarine restores colour to Milan !

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Blumarine restores colour to milan !autumn/winter 2021/22 collectionat blumarine, a year into the pandemic, nicola brognano delivers his second collection inspired by pop and glamour icons paris hilton and britney spears! an ode to the 2000s!for me, this collection is like a manifesto. it's like a manifesto, joie de vivre, because in this difficult time, a very dark, very, very difficult for me and very tough for everyone, i think we need something very powerful, very joyful and very light in a way important things for the collection is the knitwear, because the knitwear for the blumarine it's very important and i 'm working on the iconic blu vi, which is the iconic cardigan of blumarine with mink. and another thing of this season, it's we don't we don't use any more real fur. we use only fake fur because i think it's very important for this time to not abuse animals. and also another symbol very important for me in my collection of blumarine is the butterfly, the butterfly, because it's like a symbol of the beauty and fragility and transformation.it's for a woman, very strong, very eccentric, seductive and also romantic, but not in a nostalgic way, in a new way romantic because times have changed, so i think it's different today, the romantic, the means of the romanticism today it's very respectful for me to do a new vision and a new interpretation for the young generation. in this difficult time of pandemic, i have time to think about the brand, to think what i want to do for this brand. for me, it's a very huge responsibility to do good work, because i think this brand, this heritage is very important, it's very famous in italy, in all the world, it's like a historical brand. so, i have a big responsibility, but i want to put all my best to do the work in a really good way.music issued from the film (only to be used in the context of milan fashion week, covered under the right to information)