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What's Up Fashion Paris Fashion Week #2 Thebe Magugu, Koché, Mame Kurogouchi and Chloé

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What’s up paris fashion week #2autumn/winter 2021/22 collectionsthebe magugu, the african gurubased in johannesburg, his fashion tells the story of his country and its traditions.winner of the 2019 lvmh prize, he continues promoting african creation and local, artisanal savoir-faire.through a short 12-minute film,the south african designer, this season, evokes the power of healers and spirituality,through a love story between two members of rival tribes,in colourful, patterned suits and sharp knitted dresses.koché, bird of paradisedesire for a renewal for designer christelle kocher,through her new collection whichtells the story of a phoenix rising from the ashes.without denying its dna, the sportswear universe meets a couture and sophisticated spirit with slit tops,sweats decorated with feathers,and asymmetrical evening dresses and denim, a nod at her new partner renzo rosso, the master of jeans!mame kurogouchi, rear windowthe collection is inspired by light filtering through windows,creating lines and stripes imprinted on textiles.thanks to traditional japanese dyeing techniques,designer maiko kurogouchiworks on creating contemporary clothes, but made in a traditional way.chloé, a new erathe return to bohemian fashion isembodied by a group of “chloé girls” who walk the empty streets of paris’ left bank.comfort is essential, with welcoming and enveloping materials,a range of long striped knit dresses,leather skirts warmed up with a loose jumper,woolen shearling,and padded trench coats.a romantic touch with pleated vestal dresses and frills,and a 70s spirit with patchwork leather ensembles.designer gabriela hearst alone closes the show with a confident move towards the future for the label!music issued from the fashion shows (only to be used in the context of the fashion show, covered under the right to information)