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Haute Couture Paris AW 2021/22 : Charles de Vilmorin, the new generation of fashion?

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Charles de vilmorinhaute couture collectionautumn/winter 2021/22second couture collection, the new 24-year-old fashion prodigyrevealed in the middle of a pandemic with an optimistic and colourful collection, he presents his second, radically different opus.yves saint laurent’s physique and precocitythe creative momentum of jean paul gaultierknighted by jean charles de castelbajacisn’t that too much pressure for you?interview with charles de vilmorin:i don't see it as pressure, i see it as a compliment that pushes me to be the best i can be even to live up to these comparisons. i really wanted to show another side of my work and not categorise myself just in a very colourful, voluminous style.i wanted to show another facet of my work and present something else.i wanted to keep it simple, to have a clear direction and get straight to the point.there, you can see, there are lots of elements that we find, in a very theatrical style, with these big flowers, feathers, ruffles, pleats. there are quite a few theatrical elements.it's a big face with the nose, mouth, eyes, eyelashes.then there are rooster feathers that can be found on many other pieces, i liked it, i think it has a long thin face that i liked.it's a bit of a continuation of my first collection with the very colourful puffer jackets, except that i wanted to present a more accessible version in black taffeta. i know i won't be wearing the colored ones, but i would wear these one.i really wanted a gang, a group of friends that are powerful. in the video you can see references to things like pirates. i really wanted them to be strong enough in their attitude, less romantic than before.i wanted to develop my brand to the fullest, to offer more and more, more products, either ready-to-wear, or haute couture, and also to work for rochas. afterwards, the stakes are obviously not the same as for my brand.i have to learn to juggle the two, but for the moment it's going very well. but for me it has always been a dream to take over a house with heritage, but which has been somewhat forgotten, to revive it. it's always been something i hoped to do one day.music issued from the fashion shows (only to be used in the context of the fashion shows, covered under the right to information)